The Tour d’Afrique – My Second Job!

The last few months have been absolutely crazy busy getting ready for the ride next year and there is still lots to do! The excitement is totally worth it but you’ll lose more evenings than you expect to training, packing and researching if you’re attending the Tour d’Afrique. I’ve spent the last month at work transferring my role to a colleague and I just handed my notice in this week so thankfully I can relax a bit at my main job now until I leave Canada.

I think my preparation would have been easier if I was planning to come back to live in this area. Instead I’m shutting down my life here completely. I have to stop all bills and mail, sell everything that wont fit in two bags and transfer all my important documents and stuff back to Ireland for storage. So exciting!

I’m also pretty new to cycling any further than to the shops and back – I didn’t know what clip-less pedals were until two months ago! There was lots of learning here for me. Thankfully it’s all coming together now – My Tour d’Afrique Crap pile is pretty much ready to be organized and most of my spreadsheet is showing green.

Some of the stuff I had to do this week

  • Ordered a new credit card so that my credit card won’t expire halfway through the trip.
  • Told my bank what I was up to so they wouldn’t think I was being scammed next year.
  • Got a storage locker and parked my motorcycle. This is ready for me to pick up when I finish the tour. I haven’t winterized it properly yet though.
  • Sold some of my crap. This is REALLY hard. Trying to sell your stuff makes you think twice about buying anything in the future.
  • Handed in my official notice to work WOOHOO! (My bosses have known for months though).
  • Rescheduled flights to get back to Ireland where it’s above freezing and I should be able to train outdoors.
  • Rescheduled last immunizations because of flight change.
  • Ordered some last minute electronics for cheap as part of Cyber Monday. Do I really need 16 rechargeable AA batteries? Probably not.
  • Bought the last of my cycling clothes and camping stuff for the trip. I have now banned myself from entering a MEC store for at least 1 year.
  • Cleaned the 300 empty coffee cups out my car so it can be sold.
  • Got the go-ahead from the Embassy of Sudan to apply for a visa.

Stuff I still have to do in the next two weeks

  • Buy the last of the medical stuff. I’m seriously considering skipping this. I have so many medicines now it’s a bit obscene.
  • Pick up the last of the bike parts and a box from my LBS. They’re having trouble finding me a rim and chain rings.
  • Sell more crap or give it away if I can’t sell. This is so damn hard!
  • Pack, weigh my bags, throw half it out and pack again.
  • Box the bike.
  • Get drunk for a week straight saying goodbye to everyone. I actually have a good few bottles of liquor to get through :)
  • Rent a car to get to the airport.





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    1. It’s mental! I was thinking of transferring the various pills out of all the half full plastic containers and in to labelled baggies to save room and weight but I figured Irish customs are going to have enough questions for me without that. Might do it in Africa.

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